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Acorn is an Amateur Dramatic Society based in the Enfield District of North London

Acorn Theatre Company was set up in 1989 by a group of people who already had a lot of experience in production, choreography, acting and working backstage. This had all been gained from being involved with a number of other groups for many years. The difference was that Acorn's twin aims were to put on pantomimes and musical shows, donating the money raised by these to local charities.

A wide selection of musicals have been produced in the summer months and we always put on a pantomime towards the end of the Christmas holidays.

All members of the company pay a show fee to cover the costs of insurance, hire of rehearsal rooms and the general running expenses of the group.

Charities, preferably of a local nature and with a registered charity number, are proposed by our members and voted on at our AGM.